ngc 281 pacman nebula

I acquired this data last month between August 12th – Aug 16th. I captured 30 more 180s exposures in each channel Aug 29-30th, but have not combined that into this image yet. the imaging session details are below:

imaging cameraZWO ASI 1600MM Pro
guide cameraZWO ASI290mm Mini
mountSkywatcher EQ6-R pro
telescopeExplore Scientific ED102 APO
exposure settingsfor all filters:
gain 139
exposure 180s
filtersOptolong 7nm Ha
Optolong 6.5nm Sii
Optolong 6.5nm Oiii
images45 Sii lights
40 Ha lights
45 Oiii lights

additional calibration for each channel
30 darks
30 flats
30 dark flats
imaging session details.

Here is a view of each channel after a dynamic background extraction and stretch has been applied:

Processing in PixInsight was pretty straightforward to take the very green initial RGB combined image to a more dynamic SHO pallet. The final image is below:

ngc 281 – pacman nebula

I’ve also been testing out the starnet++ process now that its native in PixInsight 1.8.5-6. It’s very simple to use and gives a different view of the same data:

ngc 281 – paceman nebula – cropped with starnet process applied

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