m31 – andromeda galaxy 2021 update

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m31 – andromeda galaxy 2 panel mosaic in RGB
imaging cameraZWO ASI 1600MM Pro
guide cameraZWO ASI290mm Mini
mountSkywatcher EQ6-R pro
telescopeExplore Scientific ED102 APO
exposure settingsgain 139
exposure 30s
cooling to -20C
stacking50 lights – ZWO Red (x2 panels)
50 lights – ZWO Green (x2 panels)
50 lights – ZWO Blue (x2 panels)

additional calibration for each channel
30 darks
30 flats
30 dark flats
imaging session details.

I set up a 1×2 mosaic in sequence generator pro with default 15% overlap on the frames. due to the bright core, I went for a higher number of short 30second exposures.

this is an interesting one for me because I can trace back the same target each year and see improvements.. this year my Ha data did not come in clean and I had to toss it. the flat calibration process seems to be over compensating for my narrow band filters on the last several sessions.. may be time to rerun the flat calibration wizard and check that the exposure durations are still optimized.

UPDATE — November 2021:

I found my flats for all channels were taken at an incorrect camera rotation.. I redid the entire flats capture and processing which resulted in a better overall signal in each channel, especially the Ha was now usable.

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