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Several new items finally arrived this week. I ordered the 1600MM Pro and ZWO 8 position 1.25″ electronic filter wheel from I also ordered the optolong 1.25″ narrowband set and l-pro filter from

Setting up this camera was simple in part because ZWO included all the required accessories in the box. It’s also easy to find setup guides online for this popular camera. I referenced a video by Kurt at AstroQuest1.

I really didn’t have any trouble adding in my filters and attaching the camera to the filter wheel. I’m still looking for a thread inverter, so I had to continue to use my 3d printed M54 adapter to maintain an all-threaded imaging train.

I was able to get a clear night to test out the new camera and Ha filter on the elephant trunk nebula. I had also started to capture the same target with my astromodified canon t3i. This really made for a nice comparison and shows what I have to look forward to from this new camera.

Check out the image comparison below. move the slider to show the same photograph taken with the two different cameras. I recognize the ZWO 1600MM Pro has the benefit of additional exposure time .. I will have to retry this again, but the comparison is eye opening for anyone on the fence about changing from DLSR (even astro-modified) to a dedicated mono astro camera.

Single sub comparison of canon t3i astro-modified DSLR vs ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro photos taken of the elephant trunk nebula

I also stacked the images gathered and lightly processed for further comparison. I have not had another clear night to pull in more narrow band filters so the ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro photo remains in mono based on 4.5hrs of Ha.

canon t3i on the left and ZWO 1600MM Pro on the right. drag the slider left/right to see the differences.

This is a pretty eye-opening comparison for me. I’m very interested to see how well the new camera performs on both new and old targets.

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